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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Name that Butt WINNER(S)!

Last week's Butts were from the sculpture Hercules and Antaeus, 16th Century Paduan! 

Now, I promised TWO winners today -- one for phase two points and one for most points overall -- but it so happens those persons are ONE AND THE SAME: 

The fantastic FaithlessOne is our Champion by a rockin' 15 points!

And your prize, should you choose to accept it, includes NAME THAT BUTT postcards, for being the phase two winner, and a book of my choice for your overall award! Email me to claim your prize and we will discuss!

Thanks for playing NAME THAT BUTT, blogfriends! And Tune In Friday for a Very Special Blogpost of Awesome! (Hint: it involves Thor.)

Stick with me through October because we have some exciting things coming up, leading to the release of FATE FORGOTTEN on November 5th and I cannot wait!


  1. *squeals happily*

    Emailing now!!! Can't wait for this Friday's blogpost either! :D

    1. WOO! I hope you will spread the word far and wide :P


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