Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another big DUH, in my opinion.

So, during my daily surf of, I came across this article --actually, I've been looking at it for a couple days, but have only been moved to comment today.

Basically, the gist is, that cows that are allowed to graze as nature intended, produce better milk which is healthier for human consumption.

To this, I would like to throw out a universal DUH.

Come ON, people.

It's not that I'm not glad that Science is actually proving that letting animals live the way they're supposed to live, as far as what we're feeding them is a good thing-- it's just that I'm dumbfounded that we NEED science to tell us so. To me, that kind of information is OBVIOUS. It only makes sense that if you feed cows what they're NATURALLY SUPPOSED TO EAT, that they will be healthier, and as a result, what they produce for our own consumption will be also. It just makes SENSE. It's the same nonsense as the "discovery" that letting cattle graze naturally results in better beef.


I'm pretty sure I got my point across with all those duhs. I think adding further duhs would be excessive.

Not to compare apples to oranges, but Let me just put it to you this way.
Pigs are naturally fastidious animals. The reason that they're so gross when we raise them, is because we're not giving them the space to be anything else. If you're wondering, pig farming the way its done here, produces all kinds of hazardous waste that then has to be disposed of, not to mention the stink, which makes property values fall like lead balloons. I'm not saying that it would save the world if we let Pigs have a little bit more space to breath, and eat the food that they would normally eat if left to their own devices-- I'm just saying, that no doubt science has already proven that you'll not only have happier, healthier pigs, but you'll also have better pork to eat. And what would this cost the industry? Some land. Actually, it might even save them money in the long run, because they'd have less of a problem with gross waste products, and the expense of proper disposal.

I'm just saying.

Get a clue.