Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Fate of the Gods is Going Wide and FACETS Gets a Facelift!

This month, most of my Fate of the Gods titles are dropping out of Kindle Unlimited-- Concealing Fate, Enduring Fate, Fate Forgotten, and Beyond Fate already have, with Forged by Fate following on the 25th and Facets of Fate on April 1.

I'll be slowly updating the files and uploading them for distribution with kobo, nook, apple books, and more and you'll find the updated links on the Fate of the Gods series page as they go live!

To celebrate, with new distribution also comes new cover art for FACETS OF FATE, which I've been wanting to update for some time and bring in line with the new art for the novellas it collects--and because I'm impatient and anxious, I'm dropping the new cover here now so you can get hyped with me! You'll find it on the digital files after April 1, and also on the paperback edition, so this is your last chance to grab the paperback with the original art that matches the old original WWP series covers if that's how you roll!


I only wish I could update my Goodreads icons to match--but alas they've been discontinued! Future Amalia will update her bottom of the blogpost signature images soon, I hope. (Present Amalia is in over her head with Print Proofs for Son of Zeus and updating the FOTG files for wide release. Concealing Fate is out there but somehow I ended up tackling FACETS next instead of Enduring Fate or Fate Forgotten. This pandemic brain, I'm telling you. What a mess.)

In other new cover art news, I recently revealed the updated cover designs for HONOR AMONG ORCS and BLOOD OF THE QUEEN over on Patreon. (They got to see the Facets of Fate cover first, too!) Right now my Patreon is paused, but you can still become a new patron and you'll pay only for this month's access to all the content that's accumulated over there--including the entirety of SON OF ZEUS in advance of its release this summer! 

(More details about SON OF ZEUS and also TAMER OF HORSES over on the Amalia Carosella blog, for those interested.)

I'm not sure yet when the new covers for the Orc Saga will be revealed elsewhere. I'm a little terrified that you'll all hate them, to be honest, or it will kill the pagereads and earnings, or, or, or. Welcome to my insecure author brain.

Anyway. That's what I've got! I hope you're all healthy and safe as you can be!

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