Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day from Kate and Sully! (Playing to Win Cover Reveal!)

I'm thrilled to share with you the cover art for my VERY FIRST contemporary romance/romantic comedy--the first in an all new series by what will become my THIRD pen name, Amalia Theresa!!

ARE YOU READY?!?!?! (I have been DYING to share this with you for AGES.)

And the back cover copy, too, of course!!

When dating is a lottery, you have to play to win.

Best friends since Freshman year at Midwestern State University, Sully and Kate have been playing, and losing, the dating game for four long years, comparing notes along the way. Kate is sure that personality trumps all, and Sully refuses to settle for anything less than perfect chemistry, but they’re both determined to find The One. Finally, after graduation, it looks like they might have landed their winning tickets—there’s just one problem: it turns out, after years living as strictly platonic roommates, sparks have begun to fly at home.

But Kate needs her best friend—Sully is the only safety net she has left. Add in the stress of figuring out her life plan post-college, a hot mess of a family situation threatening to suck her back in, and the fear of not living up to Sully’s super high bar for sexual chemistry, and feelings or not, kissing that frog might be too big of a risk.

Either way, the rules of the game they’ve been playing have changed. And Kate and Sully are rapidly approaching a crisis their friendship might not survive. Not unless they’re willing to go all in.

For fans of Christina Lauren's Wild Nights, and Cora Carmack's Rusk University series, Playing to Win is the first book in an all new, scorchingly hot romantic comedy series from the author of Daughter of a Thousand Years and From Asgard, With Love.
The best part???

Playing to Win is coming to you MARCH 12th!!! And it's available for kindle Pre-Order RIGHT NOW. And on Goodreads, too, of course, if you want to remind yourself to read it that way, instead! And, in March, keep an eye out, because there absolutely will be a paperback edition, and I'm super proud of how it came out, so if print is your preference, I've got you covered, don't worry!

But really, really, really, the sexiness of this book cannot be overstated so consider this your warning and my disclaimer (I'm looking at you family!) There's a reason I created a third pen name for these titles, and it was NOT for my health and mental well-being. (I probably need to make a third website don't I, at least to point to this one if nothing else, what did I doooooo.)

You should also know that the reason I am finally moving forward with these books is because of my Great Aunt Lottie. I've felt her hand on my shoulder since she passed away, pushing me to get these out into the world, and so I'm taking that encouragement and running with it. Cheers, Aunt Lottie!!

OH, and one last thing: you can also get a jump on marking Playing to Win #2 to-read on goodreads--it's got a very minimalist listing already, too, and if I do my job right, the pre-order link for book two will be in the back of book one, so hopefully you'll be able to get right on board there if, after you've read it, you love Kate and Sully's story as much as I do.

Lest you think I am not crediting my designer, this cover was designed by me!

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