Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Appearances and Fate of the Gods News

Firstly: ALBACON!
I have a schedule -- and I look forward to seeing some of you there!
  • I'll be taking part in a panel on Ways to Publish on 1pm during the Writer's Workshop and available to offer critiques at 4pm. (I'm also planning to attend the lunch on Friday, so you can catch me then, too!)
  • I'm signing at 4pm! Come see me! There will be Butts!
  • I'll have a full selection of Amalia Carosella AND Amalia Dillin books for sale through Flights of Fantasy Books and Games at the con, so if you don't have paperbacks yet, you can grab them there!
  • 11am panel on Mythology in Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Second Best: Another Opportunity to Say Hello!
And if you won't be making it to ALBACON this year, I'll also be taking part in Local Author Day at Barnes and Noble in Colonie Center on Saturday, April 2, 2015 as Amalia Carosella. I'll be thrilled to sign anything you have by Amalia Dillin as well, but only Helen of Sparta will be available for sale at B&N.

If you already have a signed copy of HELEN, consider stopping in to pre-order BY HELEN'S HAND, coming May 10th! I'm hoping to have some bookmarks for BHH on hand, as well as bookmarks and magnets for HELEN and my Amalia Dillin books.

Lastly: Fate of the Gods
You might have noticed that my Fate of the Gods books are currently unavailable from your favorite vendor of choice -- but don't worry, they'll be back VERY shortly. Paperbacks will continue to be available via all the usual channels, but ebooks will be kindle only for the time being (though I hope not forever). I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Please hang in there while I get things sorted on my end during this hopefully brief time of transition!

And now I am back to the writing cave -- fingers crossed this manuscript doesn't actually kill me before I'm done. See you at Albacon or Local Author's Day!

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