Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Winter Games is here!!

I should have posted this on the blog last month, but I'm slow about updating--honestly, I count myself lucky that I managed to get it out in my newsletter in a timely manner! BUT!!!! 

WINTER GAMES IS FINALLY HERE!!!! You can get it in paperback or ebook from pretty much anywhere--or request your local library to order it in for you, even! Order now and get your copy in PLENTY of time before the Winter Solstice, so you can celebrate along with Nic!

Winter Games is available from all your fave E-tailers!

I am so so so thrilled to share this book with you all. At least those of you who are enjoying my Amalia Theresa offerings, anyway!!! And if you haven't dipped your toe into my contemporary romances, I can hope that having a delightful winter holiday special to look forward to might encourage you to join in on the fun! (And as you may or may not remember, book one, PLAYING TO WIN does have some fun Halloween Costume Party adventures also--so now is a great time to grab your FREE copy for some seasonally appropriate sexy romance!)

A lot of love went into the design of both the ebook and paperback editions of this book, and I hope you'll all be as pleased with how it came out as I am. Patreon Patrons got a peek at the interior designs and chapter header avatar images I created, and non-patrons can read the first two chapters of Winter Games for free right now over yonder--so go forth and try before you buy :)

If you want to know more about WINTER GAMES or any of my other Amalia Theresa books, including content warnings--I've got a series page for that!

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