Welcome to Good to Begin Well, Better to End Well! 

My name is Amalia Dillin, and this is HQ for all things related to Author-me, plus a whole heckuva lot of mythology and Thor Love.* 

If you're here about my writing and/or books, check out the FATE OF THE GODS or ORC SAGA pages above for information on my novels and the READ MY WORK! tab for my short fiction, or you can go directly to the THOR IN ZOMBIE LAND page for a little bit of ridiculous fun -- and if you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to shoot an email my way. I'm always happy to hear from readers. I also write (myth steeped) Historical Fiction as Amalia Carosella.

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“Amalia Dillin is a fresh, exciting voice and Forged By Fate is not to be missed!”
Saranna DeWylde, author of the 10 Days series

*Not to say all things mythology are not related to author-me as well, but it just seems fair to warn you: Here at Good to Begin Well, we treat all myths as True!