The Queen and her Brook Horse, An Orc Saga Novella, Book 2.5, is here to tide you over until Orc3!
Enduring Fate, a new Fate of the Gods novella, is available now! And Concealing Fate is also available now in ebook and paperback!
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Fate of the Gods Reading Order

New Reader Reading Order:
    ↬ Concealing Fate (Prequel Novella, collected in Faults of Fate)
1) Forged by Fate
    ↪ Tempting Fate (collected in Facets of Fate)
2) Fate Forgotten
    ↪ Taming Fate (collected in Facets of Fate)
    ↪ Enduring Fate (collected in Faults of Fate)
3) Beyond Fate
    ↪ Finding Fate (Epilogue Novella, exclusively available in Facets of Fate, the first Fate of the Gods Collection.)
And for those of you RETURNING after already reading the primary trilogy:
1) Forged by Fate
2) Fate Forgotten
3) Beyond Fate
4) Facets of Fate (the first Fate of the Gods Novella Collection)
    ↪ Tempting Fate (Mia and Adam, Present Timeline)
    ↪ Taming Fate (Ryam DeLeon and Eve, 15th Century)
    ↪ Finding Fate (Marcus, Near Future Epilogue)
5) Faults of Fate (the PAPERBACK Fate of the Gods Novella Collection)
    ↪ Enduring Fate (Eve and Thor, 1914-1923)
    ↪ Concealing Fate (Garrit DeLeon and Eve, Present Timeline Prequel)

NB: you can buy Concealing Fate and Enduring Fate independently for kindle. At this time, I have no plans to make Faults of Fate a digital release--and it will be the only paperback edition of Enduring Fate I put out. If you'd like to read the bonus scene that is available in Faults of Fate's paperback, it's on Patreon, and it will only cost you a dollar a month to access it, PLUS you'll get to read a bunch of other fun stuff, too.

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