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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Happy Thor's Day!

I just finished up edits on THE QUEEN AND HER BROOK HORSE.

Final wordcount minus backmatter sample chapters is over 41,000 words.

Safe to say this is not a short, by any definition of the word, any longer. I hope you guys will love it. I do not promise it won't break your heart.

Some final formatting things that still need doing, and I have to spend the rest of the week doing other author housekeeping stuff because ugh taxes, but I'm tentatively thinking:

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Also, seriously seriously seriously I am not kidding, please read BLOOD OF THE QUEEN first, here is a link if you do not have it already, please go buy it now. This is to maximize YOUR enjoyment. I mean you wouldn't just watch the Star Wars prequels before The Empire Strikes Back, would you? (Don't answer that. I don't want to know if you would. It will hurt me too deeply if the answer is yes.)

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