Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Orc Saga: Book Three (Updated Update!)

So it occurred to me (after receiving a couple of comments on the previous update post) that I am overdue for an updated update on the status of Orc 3 to sticky to the Orc Saga page for those of you looking for the next installment in the series!

So here it is:
I'm outlining and playing with ideas for opening scenes and debating whether it is time to open up my points of view beyond Arianna and Bolthorn--which will be something I need to nail down before I really get deep into the drafting process, because it will affect the structure of the book start to finish, as I am not one of those authors who feels comfortable throwing a brand new never before seen PoV into the second half or third act of a story out of nowhere. (Respect to the authors who can do it successfully, for sure! I just get the heebie jeebies when I look at my document map and things are not... even.)

That is to say: Through Blood and Starlight, Orc Saga: Book Three is In Progress!

That's a little nebulous, I know, and I also know you're anxious and eager to have it. I promise you, I am definitely still anxious and eager to get it written and out to you, too.

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In the meantime, THE QUEEN AND HER BROOK HORSE is 41,000 words of tide-you-over as Orc Saga: Book 2.5. Newsletter subscribers already have access to a free pdf download, and March's issue of The Amaliad will include a second chance link for those of you who have not yet subscribed. I'm not going to promise a third chance link, because Authors Have To Eat, Too. So if you ARE a subscriber, make sure you get your freebie while the getting is good!

It'll be available to the world at large for kindle VERY SOON also, and those of you who have already read it, or are already reading it--please please consider posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon! (I'll update this post with live links as they arrive!)

If you're wondering--yes, I think writing a 41,000 word novella probably slowed me down and delayed the start of writing Orc3. But on the other hand, it's 41,000 words of Orc Saga for you to enjoy, so I feel like it was a legit life choice, AND I'm REALLY GLAD that I wrote it because I think I needed the foundational elements it built into the series to help ground me going into Orc 3. So all around, I think this is a benefit to both of us and I hope you'll enjoy reading The Queen and her Brook Horse as much as I've loved writing it!

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