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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Summer Update! And Sales!

As usual, August is happening! Newsletter subscribers already know the deets but just in case you haven't opened up your issue of the Amaliad yet--

You've got about a day left to grab HONOR AMONG ORCS for just 99 cents!

and the rest of the month to get HELEN OF SPARTA for just 1.99!

(Yes! I broke down and made e-reader mock-ups for a few books and a new promo image for Helen! Huzzah!)

While you're in a bronze age place, did I mention I released Ariadne and the Beast? It's a short story set about 30 years or so before HELEN OF SPARTA, and as you might imagine, addresses that pesky Minotaur situation of Theseus's.

It's too short to do a print edition but I finally bit the bullet and made it some cover art and formatted it as cleanly as I could manage for easier reading than just the pdf edition that newsletter subscribers get for free. Even better, it's available in wide release, so--
iBooks, Nook, and Kobo readers: Rejoice!!

But of course you can also grab your copy from Amazon for Kindle, too! Just 1.99 across all platforms.

And now I need to go crawl back into the writing cave and catch myself back up--3.5K so far this month is not going to be getting any jobs done. But after last month's 37K blow-out, I think I deserved the short birthday break!!

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