Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lost World!!

Okay, this Lost World they found in the crater of an old volcano is INCREDIBLY COOL. To see how these animals evolved independently and differently is really neat. I'm really sad that I don't get BBC to watch the three part documentary. I kind of wonder how the animals got there to begin with-- did they survive a kilometer fall into the crater? And then how did they survive? I mean, plants obviously could be dropped into the crater without as much fuss-- a bird overflies it and poops, you know? But the other animals, the other species, how did they arrive? If the volcano erupted, it would have killed anything that was already there. But we're talking 200,000 years, too, so that's a lot of time for things to find their way in and then become trapped.

I'm anxious to hear more. I'm kind of hoping they put the documentary on hulu or something so I can watch it. I'll have to check out the BBC website and see what my viewing option are to learn more.

I love these little micro-universes. It's like seeing how things could have happened for the whole world. Like Mother Nature's little ecto-plasmic-goo experiment, to see what mixing these ingredients together would result in. You know what I'm saying?

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