Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Not-Yet-Of Troy Series Links

National Novel Writing Months is over, and with it also ends the awesome Not-Yet-Of Troy series on GeekaChicas! I really enjoyed writing these letters surrounding the events of Helen's early life, before her abduction by Theseus, and I hope that you guys liked reading them! I may continue with the occasional letter between characters as I write and revise, posted either on this blog, or over on GeekaChicas.

In case you missed any, or want to take a look now that it's all over, I thought I'd put together an ordered list of the links for your entertainment and reference.

Helen to Pollux
Pollux to Helen
Letters from the Kings
Helen to Theseus
Theseus to Helen
Letters between Theseus and Pirithous
Letters between Helen and Meneleus
The Final Letters: Theseus to Helen and Helen to Pollux

I finished up my book with just over 87,500 words right on time yesterday afternoon, but it's really rough, and will definitely need plenty of revision work. Writing Helen for National Novel Writing Month was a lot of fun, but looking back I think handling all of the Trojan War mythology in one book was overly ambitious. This book ends with Helen's marriage to Meneleus. Happy for him, less so for Helen, burdened with the knowledge of what's coming for her. It would be incredibly easy to continue on with a second book about Paris, perhaps beginning with his childhood and continuing through his kidnapping of Helen. I might sit down and outline it into a potential trilogy for the future, if I ever find an agent and publisher for my Non-Helen book and need to pitch something new, but for December I'm going to be putting Troy aside!

This month I'm going to be trying to get my Non-Helen novel, The Book of Generations, ready for querying in January. I've been revising and getting feedback from Beta-readers as well as my workshop partner Just Another Sarah, for the past six months, and I'm confident that I can get things finalized and polished at last! I've already got a pretty awesome query written, and it will be a relief to get this book out the door somewhere, God and luck willing!


  1. It will be great! But I guess this means I better get busy and read!

    I think it is a good time for you to start querying.

  2. thanks!
    me too.
    If I can just get it revised up properly.

    and yes :) your reading will certainly assist!

  3. I really enjoyed your letters- thanks for posting them! And congrats on your NaNo win- your word count is amazing!

    Do let me know if you'd be interested in another beta. I'd love to read your book, but can also wait impatiently for it to be published!

  4. Stephanie: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed them! I really loved writing them and I'm sad to be putting Helen away.

    As far as your offer to Beta goes-- maybe once I get this latest revision done?

  5. I'd beta for you whenever you'd like. Just let me know!

  6. Wow, that's amazing that you're getting ready to submit query letters when the new year rolls around! That has got to be exciting. Just based on the small snippets you've posted around TWB, I'd say you're going to do great.

    Haha, I'm feeling motivated already, looks like it's time for me to go do some writing.

  7. Stephanie: Will do!

    Trinza: It really will be something of a relief to have it DONE for the time being... until and unless (Fingers Crossed) an agent/editor tells me it isn't. haha.


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