Friday, September 10, 2010

Public Service Announcement!

Dearest Followers,

I am sad to report that I will be away from the Information SuperHighwayInterstate and therefore I must take a short Hiatus from the blog of about a week and a half. Expect my next blogpost on Friday, September 24th! It is possible that I will get my act together on the Tuesday previous, but if I were you, I would not hold my breath!

The good news is, I have written a short story telling the story of Theseus's arrival in Crete and the mystery of the Minotaur from Ariadne's PoV which I am very excited about and look forward to revising and submitting to places! Perhaps I will get lucky.

I will miss you, my followers! Have a fabulous next two weeks without me!



  1. Enjoy your time off- your short story sounds fabulous! Of course, I'd love to read anything about Crete!

  2. Good luck with the story! (I think I'm becoming a Theseus groupie.) We'll miss you!

  3. Have a good two weeks yourself! :)


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