Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Last Minute Research Reveals: Horagalles

Horagalles, or Thora Galles,  according to wikipedia, is a late name for Thor in Sami mythology. (Yeah, I know, Wikipedia, check other sources, etc, but at least it's a CITED article.) Firstly, I have to admit I had never heard of the Sami, but I want to learn EVERYTHING about them now. Secondly, if anyone out in the lands of blogtacularity knows any good books on the Sami, please let me know! Wiki tells me that they're a people from up waaay north in the Scandinavian lands, which makes all of what I'm about to say make a lot more sense, maybe.

Here's the thing: To the Sami, Thor wasn't just a thunder god, and he had more than just a hammer for a weapon. To the Sami, Thor was also an archer. He used the rainbow as a bow to shoot down evil spirits and demons. THE RAINBOW. I don't know about you, but it seems to me it would take a tremendously strong being to turn a rainbow into a bow. And there's more!

The Sami, according to Wikipedia (and believe you-me, when NaNoWriMo is over I'll be going straight to the library and the bookstore looking for more information to do a blogpost that doesn't rely on wikipedia!), also consider Thor to be god of oceans, lakes, human life, Health, and well-being!

I don't know about you, but picturing Thor as any kind of Archer is kind of blowing my mind right now. The attributes and associations on the other hand, are not. This is what I've been saying for FOREVER to anyone who would listen. Thor isn't just a bruiser, he's a guardian, a protector, a friend. Connecting Thor to well-being, in addition to human life, tells us he isn't just about the beating enemies down. He's also about building people up. This culture and mythology is exactly what I have been looking for as a link to what I've discovered for myself as I explore Thor's character, and the traditional Norse myths.

I'm not going to lie, I am pretty darn excited. When NaNo is over, I'll be digging into this with both hands, and I just can't wait to see what turns up.


  1. Okay, I've never heard of the Sami mythology, but now I'm intrigued. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to be doing yoga right now, but I'm reading more about this instead!

    Oh, and I posted my contest for Gary's book tonight. It's totally up your alley!

  2. I am so there! And about to leave my THIRD comment because I forgot to include my email address. Sigh.

    But yes, I had the exact same response you did! I was supposed to be researching stuff for NaNo and just got totally blindsided. This is also part of why I haven't sent you Helen yet.

  3. Yeah, I've never heard of the Sami, but I've always thought of Thor as being a bit more rounded of a character than most interpretations.

    I am inspired by your enthusiasm and passion for Norse mythology. If I could buy some extra hours in my day, I'd try to be just like you with Greek mythology.

  4. This is definitely the first time I've heard of him being responsible for something like health in any respect-- Even as well-rounded as I've always considered him to be. But it's just fascinating to see the way his character is wrought. I'll admit that I am less passionate about things not dealing with Thor directly, when it comes to the Norse stuff-- but I'm also incredibly passionate about the Greek Myths dealing with Theseus! I guess I kind of focus on one character/hero/god at a time and work outwards from there :) Bite sized pieces!!

  5. OMG! OVER THE RAINBOW! WOW! I love this side to Thor.


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