Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Nordic Bronze Age Slideshow

Things have gotten away from me this last week (reading the best book of my life and writing like the WIND), so you'll have to wait until NEXT Tuesday for the next (and final!) Wheels on the Bus episode.

Meanwhile, we've been doing a lot of Nordic Bronze Age research here at the House of Begin Well, for two different works-in-progress. Most recently, I was looking for reminders of what Bronze Age clothing might have looked like, and during that search, I stumbled across this sweet vid (am I allowed to say Sweet Vid?)

I thought this was a really cool slideshow of Nordic Bronze Age artifacts for a couple of reasons: a) it looks like there's a krater in there but now I'm wondering what the proto-norse word for krater might have been, and b) there are some figures where you can really see what might have influenced Loki's horned helmet in Marvel comics, which is just NEAT. Whether or not Marvel comics did the research that brought them all the way back to the Nordic Bronze Age, I do not know, but... I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here!

What say you? Pretty cool huh?


  1. Awesome! Wow, they have a lot of cool stuff. And it's all ... bronze! Weird ;)

  2. Very cool! I like the modeled dresses near the end. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Keriann: haha. Yeah! Funny how that works out ;)

    Anassa: Me too! I love the male dress-- with the long tunic and the cloak. It's pretty neat to see! The clothing is stuff they found in grave sites, perfectly preserved.

  4. Awesome people like you are ALWAYS allowed to say "sweet vid", I promises.


    And that really was sweet! I love the bronze age. I love around that kind of time. Fasincating!

  5. Haha! Phew! I was not sure if I was HIP enough to pull off Sweet Vid or not ;)

    I love it too, so much. It's so interesting, and kind of humbling to know that these things were being held by people so many thousands of years ago.

  6. Not only cool, gorgeous. I wanted some of those things for my house. And the clothes! Can't believe the condition. I have tees from last summer that don't look tht good. Srsly!

  7. Thanks for post that. Made me think I need to jewel up my Selkie clan from Norway a little more.

  8. VR: I know!! There was this hair net that came out totally preserved and so delicate... it's amazing! Like a little time capsule of awesome.

    Lara: haha! Glad to be of service :) Of course this is 1700-500 BC so not exactly the same as the Vikings or the later Norse people-- the climate was entirely different then, for one.


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