Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This is not a Norse post.

I'm about 48,000 words into Pirithous' book. (Who knew Pirithous had a WHOLE BOOK in him? I didn't. I mean, I love the guy, but I really didn't think he could carry a whole book. I guess he is showing ME.) What this means for YOU blog-followers, is that my brain is spinning in circles about centaurs and how much zippers will blow Pirithous' mind, and I'm drawing a big fat blank on Norse mythology that isn't directly related to the Thor movie. (THOR TOYS AT BURGER KING, GUYS!)

I'm also rereading The Bull From the Sea by Mary Renault, because it's the Theseus book with Pirithous in it, and I can't really stop myself. As far as I'm concerned, there is not enough Pirithous in mythology-related-fiction. (It goes without saying that there isn't enough Theseus, but at least he has a couple of books and that movie coming out this winter that is some kind of Clash of the Titans, except hopefully good instead of trash.)

So this post? It is the "I just want to get back to writing-- I think I have another 1000 words in me before bed, maybe even 2000 to give me a 5K day! If I just don't let myself get distracted by some kind of Norse something or other for this blogpost I need to write" post of doom.

I hope you'll forgive me.


  1. Forgiven, at least this time. ;)

    Seriously, I want a 5K day- four of those and I'd be done! I just wouldn't have time to work. I'll be a powerhouse this summer!

  2. I did write up those Thjalfi posts for you at least! And go you! Only 20K left then? I'm sure you will get it done with flying colors!

  3. I only made it to 4K, but I am still pleased! 5K does get to be a little much.


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