Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh Avengers, Please Be AWESOME

Better late than never and also because I'm busy Romancing Orcs. Or um, with Orcs Romancing. I have a new favorite character named Fossegrim, if you're wondering. He is SUCH a cranky old man, and I would not be shocked if he yelled at someone to get off his lawn.

Anyway: AVENGERS! A real trailer at last! It does look like it is kind of Iron Man and friends, maybe but you know, as long as they do not screw up Thor, I can live with that. (What is this nonsense I hear about taking Thor 2 deeper into the Cosmos rather than back to Earth to develop his love story with Jane Foster?!)

Can Avengers be out now? Or at least can we start seeing Avengers toys? There are all these Avengers Assemble toy signs at Target and it just gets my hopes up every time, only to see the same old. And! While I'm talking about toys, let the record reflect that the only Thor movie Toys that were worth anything were the super hero squad editions and the small Nerf Thor Hammer. All the action figures just looked AWKWARD, and if it is the same for Avengers I am going to be really, extremely sad.

This post seems like the posterchild of my new slogan: Come for Thor, Stay for More! I promise it was an accidental coincidence.

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