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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Quite On Topic: Welsh is Endilega Bendigedig

Okay, so I cheated. Endilega is Icelandic for absolutely, and it is hands down one of my most favorite words to say, but Welsh is DEFINITELY Bendigedig and you can watch this video to find out what that means. Welsh might be my next most favorite language of all time (after Icelandic of course).

How can you not think a language is great, when the expression for goodbye translates literally as "big fun"?

And now we return to our regularly scheduled Icelandic/Mythology/ThorLove.


  1. I had a very brief flirtation in university with trying to teach myself Welsh out of a reference grammar. It took me two days of trying to wrap my head around the consonant mutations to give up. :( I do agree it's a beautiful language, though. Someday, someday …

    1. Oh man, I would totally jump headfirst into a welsh class if someone offered me one. I don't think I can teach it to myself though -- it sounds like a language you have to REALLY listen to a lot.


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