Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Hiatus with Santa Theseus!

SO! First things first:

FORGED BY FATE has a release date! And a goodreads page! And ALL THE THINGS , plus some absolutely-amazing-make-me-blush blurbs, and the series now has its very own tab on the blog! Guys. It is getting so real.

Check out this wicked sweet banner up top (coming actually in the morning-morning, as opposed to the midnight posting) with Diana Paz's MOST FABULOUS cover for her novel, TIMESPELL, which is totally all around awesome in all the mythology and history ways we love most here at Good To Begin Well!


Thanks to the photoshop skills of Mr. Z. Tringali, I am happy to present to you, SANTA THESEUS!

The original with thanks to photographer Yair Haklai

After defeating the Minotaur once and for all, Santa Theseus claimed the North Pole for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and PRESENTS FOR ALL THE CHILDREN. This is the truest of Stories. Go forth and tell it across all corners of the world, that Theseus's fame might grow! Or um. Just enjoy and have a very merry holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Saturnalia, or any other festival of light returning to the world. (Here at Good to Begin Well, we do not discriminate, or else we would have to change the tagline of our novel.)

And may 2013 bring you all the best things, too!

(See you at the No-Kiss blogfest on January 2nd!)


  1. Is that anything like Santa Wanax, who knows who's been obedient, who's been naughty, and who'll be sacking your town?

    1. Ha. I feel like Santa Wanax should be the opposite of sacking towns :)

  2. Amalia, first of all you're a darling and I love you so much. SO much. <3 Thank you for celebrating my cover reveal day with me!!!! Timespell wouldn't exist if it weren't for you... now I can't wait for Forged By Fate's cover reveal when I can do the same for your most awesome book!!

    SECONDLY, Theseus is completely THE MAN in that image! Trinza completely outdid himself!! LOVE!

    1. I knoooooooowww! On both counts! And I have to agree that Santa Theseus looks like he is IN COMMAND. Which is nothing less than I would expect really!

      <3 <3 Love you too, my friend!!!


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