Friday, February 15, 2013

An Autographed copy of Forged by Fate: For the Children!

Beginning at 6pm PST TONIGHT (February 15th), is the Solid Saints auction to benefit Child's Play Charity, which works with children's hospitals and gets The Fun to kids who are stuck inside them. Solid Saints is put together by the fine folks of the Penny Arcade Forums, of which I am a member, and since I've gotten a lot out of being a member, I wanted to contribute something to the cause.

As such, I'm offering up an autographed copy of Forged by Fate with some bonus stickers and whatnot.*

So basically what I'm saying is -- after 6pm PST TONIGHT, February the 15th and before 6pm PST on SUNDAY, February 17th, if you want a chance at an autographed copy of my debut novel, this is as good as any, and I am hoping very much to deliver it within the first week after release! Um. Unless you happen to be outside of the USA, in which case I cannot make promises as to SPEED of delivery, really, but I will do my best to get it out the door the moment I have it in my hand.

And if you don't want an autographed copy of Forged by Fate because, I don't know, you live down the street and plan on stalking me until I sign your kindle (I have the perfect markers for that!), you should check out the auction anyway, because maybe there is something else awesome that you'd like! It's for a good cause, I promise!

In other news: Sunday we are having a special bonus guest post from Ms. Charity Bradford, author of THE MAGIC WAKES -- so definitely stop back that day for a peek into the influences of mythology on her book!

*The whatnot is not yet decided as it will depend on printing and arrival times of aforementioned whatnots! BUT. They will be cool things!

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