Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Forged by Fate Theme Music

It seems like I listened to a lot of Lisa Loeb when I was working through this book. I distinctly remember listening to this one on the bus on my way to class, thinking about Eve and Thor and Adam. Eve would never ask this, never WANT this of anyone, but it very much captures the lengths to which Thor is willing to go -- the lengths to which he does go, in fact, for her.

Would You Wander

(and if you missed it, more theme songs at my guest post on Charity Bradford's blog!)

In other news, I'm diving into the revision-cave on a novella that does NOT have an historical setting (shocking, I know!) so at least I can possibly hopefully not lose so much time to research. And never fear that I must revisit The Fleas. 

Don't forget to check out the blogtour, if you've missed it! Lots of fun information about Forged by Fate, and even a couple of interviews discussing things I don't usually talk about here. And if you bought the book, find out how you can enter to win THE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY!


  1. I'm always fascinated by what people listen to while they write! I listen to a lot of stuff without lyrics, Ennio Morricone, soundtracks and the like. I usually try to match the tone to the scenes I'm writing.

    The Whispering Ferns

    1. I don't think about it too much -- but if I find myself getting distracted by lyrics, I shift to scores instead. The rest of it is just whatever music I'm in the mood for :) Though if I'm writing something with Norse mythology, I definitely lean more toward Celtic rock and Sea Shanties.


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