Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today is April 15th, and as I have promised, I have ART to reveal! Thor and Adam both get faces with this original art by none other than the fabulous El Husband!*

Are you ready?


I should point out at this point that I have a really hard time visualizing faces for my characters. Of course, I know when they're WRONG, but I don't necessarily know how to make them RIGHT. It's kind of annoying, to be honest.

Also, while I have you here, today is the LAST DAY to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway, if you've purchased your copy of Forged by Fate! There will be trading cards. And bookmarks. And stickers. And swag. So. Get your entry in via email before Midnight Eastern!!

Oh right, THE ART!

FIRST Our Villain!
Klikky for slightly larger image!
Pretty sweet right? El husband does good work! (though the coloring/image editing is mine -- I was going for parchmenty?) I'm so excited to be able to give Adam a face! And he looks SO unimpressed. It's the most perfect of perfections!

But I know Adam isn't what drew you here today. Most of you are team #ThorLove all the way, and so the best is yet to come, because you're here to see...

Our Hero!
Klikky for larger image!

As you know by now, I commissioned these sketches for the fabulosity that is TRADING CARDS, but you'll just have to wait and see what THOSE look like when I take the obligatory SWAG PHOTO upon their arrival. 

In the meantime, content yourself with entering to win the autographed copy of Forged by Fate on goodreads, or the grand prize giveaway! And I leave some FEELS in the comments! Also if you have opinions on which characters you'd like to see given trading cards in the FUTURE, let me know! No promises that they will make the cut, but I definitely would love your input!

*Individually we are talented, but together we make Awesome. Also I probably drove him demented with requests to change things and edit these portraits, I'm not going to lie. Thankfully, he is a really good sport about it! But then again, El Husband is a really good sport about most things! That is part of the reason we are married. obviously.


  1. Adam love!!

    You're *really* talented! I love these!!! <3


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