Friday, June 14, 2013


Tempting Fate, my Fate of the Gods novella, is coming out August 13th, and I'm super stoked to share the Cover Art before I disappear from the internets for a week!


Mia's lived in her sister's shadow long enough. Now that Abby is getting married to a Frenchman, Mia scents freedom. In fact, Jean DeLeon, the groom's too-charming cousin, seems like the perfect place to start. But the House of Lions is full of secrets, and what started out as an exciting fling is quickly becoming more frustration than fun. Mia wants answers, or she wants out, and it isn't like she doesn’t have other options. Ethan Hastings, for example. Tall, handsome, and gray eyes like nothing she's ever seen before. 

The fact that Jean seems to hate him is just a bonus.

Add it on Goodreads today, and tell all your friends! Mia is coming, and I cannot wait to share her side of the story with all of you!

ALSO, I'm doing a BOOK SIGNING this month!
If you happen to be in South Dakota, in the Black Hills, Saturday, June 22nd, you can come meet me at the Piedmont Valley Library at 10am and I will SIGN all the things! I'll also have bookmarks, stickers, and trading cards for your pleasure.



    Is it available (excuse me if this is a dumb question I am full of dumb questions today omg) in print form also when it is released? Because it will go really well with my Forged By Fate paperback if so, and I need it in my life also.


    1. It is too short to print alone but Fingers crossed HOPEFULLY we will be able to do a collection of some kind later that will include it so all hope is not lost for that day!

  2. Ooh, pretty cover! :D Good luck at your book signing!

  3. Beautiful! And I'm so excited to read a Mia story :)

  4. Hmmm.. That cover alone tempts more than fate!

    I think I shall see what I can do to find this. It looks like fun...albeit perhaps a bit of a chick flick, er... bodice ripper. But I have been pleasantly surprised by suggestions on this site before.

    1. Tempting Fate is a little bit more romance-centric than Forged by Fate, but only because it's telling Mia's story -- and she's a little bit boy-crazy -- that said, if you liked Forged by Fate, I think you won't be disappointed! You'll get to see a different side of things in Tempting Fate! If you haven't read FxF, you might still like it, but it works best when you read both!


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