Friday, February 21, 2014

On the Subject of Ragnarok

The Eddas tell us that it is Heimdall's duty to blow the Gjallarhorn to signal the start of Ragnarok -- some guy dressed in viking garb just isn't going to cut it, in my book(s). BUT, for those of you who may be concerned, let me put your mind at ease with the distraction of discovering FATE OF THE GODS! (Thor will keep you safe!)

For this Ragnarok-y weekend only, the e-edition of FORGED BY FATE is on sale for just 4.99 (at Barnes and Noble, too!), and FATE FORGOTTEN is also discounted, and available for just 5.99 (Nook it up, as you do)! So, go grab yourselves a copy and give yourself (or a friend!) the peace of mind of knowing that Thor is with you, and as the god of the Everyman, he'll for sure be keeping us all safe and sound. (There's even some Ragnarok action in Fate Forgotten!)

Fate of the Gods! so cool even the BBC wanted to hear about it! Or um. Something.

(And if you're in the habit of celebrating the supposed end(s) of the world(s), enjoy your faux Ragnarok parties!)

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