Sunday, December 14, 2014

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Santa Herc! (Now with bonus Cover Art!)

Santa Herc thought he'd drop by to give us a little present here at Good to Begin Well -- the reveal of the COVER ART for HELEN OF SPARTA for your pleasure and enjoyment! (I know I'm pleased, anyway! More than pleased!!)

So Feast Your Eyes on the beauty! And feel free to pre-order your paperback or kindle ebook (you can pre-order the paperback from Barnes and Noble, too, if that's your preference!) HELEN OF SPARTA will be available April 1st!

Santa Herc himself does not make an appearance within the pages, though I've heard he's a close personal friend of Helen's father, Tyndareus. A point of great pride to the family, I'm sure, and no doubt accounts for his interest in her fabulous cover art!

(and don't forget you can grab your copy of Postcards from Asgard, now, too! Or get the whole Fate of the Gods trilogy in paperback from World Weaver Press for a bargain price, if you prefer! But either way, do consider giving the gift of Thor this holiday season!)

Ready for the cover art?

Long before she ran away with Paris to Troy, Helen of Sparta was haunted by nightmares of a burning city under siege. These dreams foretold impending war—a war that only Helen has the power to avert. To do so, she must defy her family and betray her betrothed by fleeing the palace in the dead of night. In need of protection, she finds shelter and comfort in the arms of Theseus, son of Poseidon. With Theseus at her side, she believes she can escape her destiny. But at every turn, new dangers—violence, betrayal, extortion, threat of war—thwart Helen’s plans and bar her path. Still, she refuses to bend to the will of the gods.

A new take on an ancient myth, Helen of Sparta is the story of one woman determined to decide her own fate.

Happy Holidays! And I'll be back on the blog in January!

Forged by Fate (Fate of the Gods, #1) Tempting Fate (Fate of the Gods, #1.5) Fate Forgotten (Fate of the Gods, #2) Taming Fate (Fate of the Gods, #2.5) Beyond Fate (Fate of the Gods, #3)
Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1) * Postcards from Asgard * Helen of Sparta
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