Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life, The Universe, Everything (II)

This year, we seem to have missed spring.
Apple Blossoms
(photo by El Husband!)

All through April, we waited for it -- waited for the snow to stop threatening, for it to finish MELTING to begin with, for the nights to get above freezing no matter how warm the day got -- but instead of getting spring, May came, and it was suddenly summer. The days became 70s and 80s+, the nights practically just as warm, and the grass is shooting up before we've even had enough dry days to finish raking up the winter's deadfall.

And it was a long, cold winter. Not North Dakota Cold, but cold enough that by the time it should have been ending, we were looking forward to the warmth of spring. Those days in the high 40s and low 50s where you're so eager for the sun, you break out the flip-flops and shorts long before it's actually warm enough to wear them, and you bask in the bright light streaming through the windows, watching rainbows bounce on the walls without breaking a sweat.

We had maybe a week of those days before the heat became oppressive and the house hit 80 degrees inside. The sun bakes us, now, all morning and well into the afternoon, through the overlarge windows of the living room. The back porch, so pleasant at the end of winter for its green-house like warmth in the mornings, is now a sauna, too warm to even open up until the sun crawls to the other side of the house and begins to fall.

Summer is here. Summer is here, too soon, too sudden, and I am longing for spring.

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  1. You should come here. We have spring to spare! Too much spring imo I am drowning in cherry blossom, spring showers, and honestly occasional snow :-o

    I know what you mean about spring though, there's something magical about the transitional seasons. I love to take pictures of the plants as they begin to wake up.... probs super creepy for the plants in retrospect...

    1. Ha!! I never thought about it from the plant's perspective but... you're right. We're kind of voyeurs!

      We had some rain and it washed all the blossoms away just two days after el husband took that picture of the apple blossoms, so I'm glad we got our pictures in before the opportunity was entirely lost. Such brief moments!


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