Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Glory of Books on Shelves

To fully appreciate my elation, and why this deserves its own post, you have to understand that my books have been in boxes since last April/May, when the flooring of doom project began. They are still not all unpacked, but I'm making some significant headway -- and plan on getting this unboxing project completed before the end of the summer.

My efforts have been hampered by a number of complications -- one of which was the loss of a bookshelf when we tried to relocate it to clear the room for the flooring install. It just literally fell apart in our* hands. So when I finally did start unpacking... well, the shelving we did have filled up FAST. As you can see.

I had to make some cuthroat decision about what books were going to be shelved and what weren't, in the shorter term, until we accepted delivery of a bookshelf... um, let's call it a donation, from a family member. This of course meant that once the new bookcase was delivered and set in its assigned location, I had to reorganize the books that were already shelved -- because there's a method to all this madness. Series and Genre and Author all have to be taken into account! And then also the sizing of the books (because Thor forbid there be a standardized trade paperback size.) You have to arrange them in such a way that more books can be positioned horizontally on top, because ALL THE BOOKS, and spaces is always at a premium. As you can see. Um. Again. (That towering stack reaching into the sky is because that whole top shelf is the TBR pile and I obviously didn't take into account the reality of the number of unread books I accumulated this past year between cons and, you know, trips to the bookstore. Whoops.)

But there is hope! Light at the end of the tunnel! Or at least temporary light, because I know for SURE this is not all my historical fiction titles:

a shelf from the unpictured still in progress donated bookcase

And this is definitely not even all my YA fantasy/sci fi, though I am excited to report that I have been able to consolidate most of my unboxed YA titles on the shelves above and below. For the moment.

Sooooo there's still not a small amount of reorganization in my future, but I'm getting there. Slowly but surely, but surely all the same. And I can tell you already I'm going to need at least one more 6ft bookcase, if not two, in order to shelve all the books I have left.

But there is NOTHING in this world more satisfying than looking at my well-ordered books on their shelves, so I can promise you I won't be giving up on the dream of every beautiful book in its place.

In the meantime, I hope you're keeping up with me at! Carosella Author!me has been... very busy.

*These hands probably belonged to my cousins and/or brother and/or bffs.

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