Thursday, November 29, 2018

From Asgard, With Love (Plus Cover Art!)

I had one goal for myself in November--because I knew I didn't have 50K in me after the hyperproductivity of the summer, and going into the holidays is always kind of a mess for getting anything done on this end, in addition--I wanted to finish FROM ASGARD, WITH LOVE before the end of the month.

Now, you should know that when I added this project into my calendar for the year, I thought it had maybe 10,000 words left in it. It was supposed to be a novella. A companion to POSTCARDS FROM ASGARD, but not a true sequel. Nothing too heavy or intensive. (And before THAT it was supposed to be a short story--but I digress.) Just an easy thing to finish and release. (lol lol lol!)

When all was said and done and I typed The End this month, this not-so-light, super-intensive, definitely-not-a-novella had cost me an additional 56,000 words. So yeah. As usual, I'm delivering a much longer than anticipated installment in a series that wasn't supposed to be a whole lot of work for me.

(I should really stop pretending I have any idea of what my stories are going to become, length-wise.)

I have been poking at FROM ASGARD, WITH LOVE for going on six years now. Six. Years. This isn't something I'd normally pay that much attention to, but this particular project's beginning sticks in my mind a little bit more, um, hauntingly. You see, just after I'd started writing it, after moving into my grandfather's house, he had a stroke. And after the very intensive months of his recovery from that stroke, he had another. That one, he didn't ever recover from, and a matter of weeks later, he'd passed away.

As you can imagine, and you'll understand more completely why when you read FROM ASGARD, WITH LOVE, I had to put it on hold for a while after that. I'd come back to it every year, write a couple thousand more words before I needed to set it aside again. Sometimes because I was under contract and on deadline for another project, and sometimes because I just couldn't face it or the memories it brought.

But this year? This year, for the first time, I felt like it was time. Like I was ready to face it and finish it and get it out into the world. I needed to write it, and the writing of it had to be completed HERE, in the house where it had all begun.

And Grandpa--this one is for you.

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FROM ASGARD, WITH LOVE is coming to you in 2019!

This is a companion to POSTCARDS FROM ASGARD, taking place some time after it, and with a peek at Thjalfi and Gwen living their happily ever after, but it's not really a true sequel. Thematically--Well. Let's just say it's not quite so light and fluffy. I hope you'll love it anyway!

If you're subscribed to The Amaliad, you got to see this cover first. You even got to read about how this book made me metaphorically bleed all over the pages! (Yes, this is me suggesting that if you haven't subscribed already, you should do so! again!)

Don't worry, I see you out there, you dedicated Orc Saga readers desperately awaiting news on Orc3. Wondering why/how I could write this without writing that first. There's a real and legitimate reason--but that's a whole other blogpost for another day. Just know I haven't forgotten you and I'm still working on Orc3, too. And in the meantime, grab THE QUEEN AND HER BROOK HORSE. I know not all of you have read it yet :)

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