Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Concealing Fate Cover Reveal

It's Here, It's Here!!!! CONCEALING FATE's Cover!!!!! I have been DESPERATE to show this one off for MONTHS and MONTHS and I'm so excited!!!!

I also have a Kindle Pre-Order link for you AND a Goodreads link! It releases NOVEMBER 7th! WITH a Paperback Edition, too, because it is NEARLY 45,000 words long!!! I refuse to apologize!

Please do Klikk Klikk and/or pass the word along, and give Concealing Fate some love!

As I may have mentioned before, Concealing Fate begins about two years before the events of the "Present" timeline of Forged by Fate--and next week-ish, I'll have a little bit more to say about the present timeline itself, so tune back into the blog for that!

Here's the back cover copy:

The only peace Eve found in her last life was the time she spent with her family, her House of Lions, so it's no wonder that in the modern world she'd choose to return to France, eager to live her new life honestly among the only people she can trust.

Until she meets Garrit, a man she has no business falling in love with, and finds herself building a relationship on a foundation of secrets and lies.

Because of all the men in the world she might meet, Garrit is the only one who knows the truth of her Creation, of her entire history from the dawn of time--but heir to the House of Lions or not, he absolutely refuses to believe in it.

Even when the proof is standing right in front of him.


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Cover designed by me!
(Which maybe accounts for my enthusiasm.)

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