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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revision Notes IV

Chapter 16 is taunting me. I think I have to overhaul it completely.


  1. Ugh. Isn't that painful? But maybe it will be one of those when you're done that you know you've nailed.

    I like to celebrate those victories with a glass of wine. :)

  2. Fixing it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be-- didn't have to rewrite entirely, which is kind of a victory of its own I think. Really, it didn't absolutely HAVE To be fixed-- it just conflicted with something planned in a later book, which I didn't want to mess up :)

    I've also got this image in my head for The Tree. I might see if I can work some photoshop magic for fun... as my reward?

  3. Hang in there, Amalia. I'm sure you'll love it when you're through. :-)

  4. Shannon-- that or I'll never want to look at it again :)


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