Sunday, January 03, 2010


I had a lot of fun yesterday reading all the no-kiss scenes, and I'm thrilled and grateful to everyone who found the time to stop by my blog. Thanks for all the kind comments!

I'm getting serious this month and trying to stay on top of things with Generations. I've got two (possibly three) people beta-reading this month, and I'm anxious to hear what they have to say. I'm excited about some of the changes I've made, though I think my habit when writing drafts, and even revising, is toward more of a bare-boned scene and story. I know Mr. King says we're supposed to subtract a percentage of our book when we're finished and revising, but I don't think I could without destroying something integral--or maybe I already did when I brutally ended the book in spite of the fact that I could have kept going for... well... generations? It had to be done, and I did it. I'm fairly certain it left about 20K on the cutting room floor to be picked up and recycled for a sequel--and yes, yes, I know. Writing sequels before the first book is sold is against the rules. Sorry. There was no help for that either.

When it comes to writing, sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and I hope that my gut knows what it's talking about. I guess I'll find out when I hear back from this round of Betas. Fingers crossed, yeah?


  1. I know this feeling! Follow your instincts. And good luck with the betas. I hope you get wonderful feedback.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad to know I am not alone :) My instincts are telling me that maybe I should stop fooling with my book and start querying soon. Hopefully the Betas will agree.

  3. I am always second-guessing my instincts when it comes to writing!

  4. Fingers crossed!!! And definitely go with your gut. Rules were meant to be broken.

  5. Thanks for the no-kissy comment you left me yesterday. I noticed on your profile that Stranger in a Strange Land is listed as one of your favorite books.

    I think that you and I are going to get along just fine.

    I love that line, "faith strikes me as intelectual laziness..."

    Gets me every time.

  6. Alissa--I find myself caught up in it occasionally myself.

    Lisa and Laura: You're right! Sometimes I forget :)

    Amber: I noticed that you have Dar Williams as one of your favorite musicians. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I used to go to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in the summers with my brother. Have you ever heard of Moxy Fruvous? Or Eddie From Ohio?
    Looks like we have more in common than just Heinlein :)

  7. I'm bummed I didn't get to post a no-kiss scene, but I just didn't have one. Such is life.

    And I'm sure you'll get some great comments from your betas! ;)

    BTW- I just finished the other novel I was betaing and hope to have comments to you around MLK Day. I'll be getting HATSHEPSUT back from my last round of betas around then and then I have to revise and edit two more times before the end of February. So that's my new goal!

  8. That sounds great Stephanie! I'm excited! If you need a Beta for one of your next rounds on Hatshepsut, let me know.

  9. Good luck with your beta feedback. Going with your gut is seldom a mistake - roll with it! :-)


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