Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revision Notes III

Walking to the dentist's office this morning for my 6 month cleaning brought with it some excellent brainstorming for my revisions.
Just a few notes:

1) Why do the great brainstorm breakthroughs always happen when you have nothing to write with?
2) Why was it ADAM and not THOR loitering around in my head, pestering me?
3) Poor Eve is going to have a miserable time in this book by the time I'm through revising. As if Adam being in her face wasn't bad enough.
4) Seriously. Why is Adam in MY face?! He never is! And really, he's kind of obnoxious, so I'm not sure I'm thrilled about it.

I ended up writing down my brilliant idea on the back of a receipt that was stuffed in my checkbook. I need to get a couple of new small notepads or something...

Are any characters pestering you lately that normally keep to themselves?

P.S. I have no idea what I'm posting about for tomorrow. Any Topic Suggestions?


  1. You can write about Adam, and how he was pestering you?

  2. Or how about the title of your novel? :)

  3. Why I chose to name it The Book of Generations? hmmm...

  4. I think titles are interesting. It's an idea, anyway! :)

  5. Don't you hate it when a character just won't shut up? I was having a one-on-one with Senenmut yesterday. And then Aset.

    But they were good conversations. And now I sound like I'm officially crazy. :)

  6. Don't you love those moments when you are desperate for a sheet of paper, however small, so you can record a brilliant tidbit?! :-)

  7. Stephanie, trust me that you don't sound at all crazy to me! I have one-on-ones pretty consistently with Thor.

  8. Shannon-- I'm usually pretty well prepared for them, and I guess all wasn't lost today since I had the receipts to write on :)

  9. Does this mean you should hang out at the dentist's for inspiration? Would make a change from the standard coffee shop.

    Most phones have a voice record option. You might use it to record small items when paper is out of reach.

  10. OMG am I seriously not a follower over here at you blog? My apologies, I thought I was. No wonder I wasn't getting updates. I think a post on your title or titles in general would be pretty cool. Oh, and I had my annoying character stuck in my head for about a week once it was AWFUL! I totally feel for you :)

  11. Gary-- I'd rather not. it's a pretty small place, and she takes children, so it can get pretty ridiculous in there. I think it was more just taking the walk with one of my characters that brought about the breakthrough.

    I'm totally not cell phone savvy though-- I mean, my phone has an MP3 player and I have no idea how to use it. I'm limited to texting, the calculator, camera (limited) and the alarm clock, pretty much. But I'll have to take a look to see if I have that voice recorder and how to make it work.

    Bethany: You and Sarah are going to get a dose of my title selection logic tomorrow. Such as it is, anyway. Glad to have you!

  12. I'm posting now because the word verification I had to type in was minti, which of course made me think of minty, and then minty-fresh, and it made me happy. So I'm pleased even more, now.


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