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Friday, June 04, 2010


Welcome One and All to the Dream Sequence Blogfest! 

I am thrilled to host this event for you all! Hopefully we all got to challenge ourselves a little bit, by writing a good sequence, and hopefully we can all learn about what works and what doesn't from the posts of our fellow participants! Please do get around to comment on everyone's posts, and offer them some feedback so that we can all write bigger and better dream sequences in the future!

Thanks so much to everyone who is participating! I'm heading out to read all your posts right now! You can find all the blogs who are participating on the Mr. Linky!

[excerpt removed]

Thanks for stopping by, for commenting, and for participating!! You guys are awesome! The winner of the Amazon GC, drawn randomly, will be announced on the blog on Tuesday!


  1. Ooohh nice :)
    You should drop the wake-up part tho...let's just read the dream.
    I liked the symbolism of everything turning to dust. Dreams should always be big on symbolism.
    Thanks for hosting this blogfest!

  2. oooo love it! Wonderful dream sequence and thanks for doing this blogfest...I don't do dream sequences often so this was a little out of my comfort zone.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  3. Hey, no fair ending with a cliff-hanger, Amalia. Just kidding. You warned us. You did a vivid, engaging dream.

    Check out my music video for yesterday, Amalia. It is Vienna Teng singing her tribute to Medea of Greek tragedy and myth. I think you'll like it. Roland

  4. wow. i..LOVED IT! I can't wait to read more :) I'm afraid mine isn't as symbolic and beautiful as yours, but I'm still kinda proud :)

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  5. How prophetic. I like the flow of this, how it seemed so real but was definitely a dream.

    I like how you transitioned out of it also. Nicely done.


  6. Oh, I loved the whole "turned to ash" thing as well. This was a well written dream. I liked the feel that it was a dream with the scene and feelings changing so quickly.


  7. That was brilliant! I got shivers at the "ash" bit.

    Wow, I love the way it all seems to mean something. You can feel that this is leading up to something big.

  8. Nice imagery, portents of doom, a good sequence all round, really.

  9. Well done...I can definitely see how that plays into story.

  10. LOVED the symbolism and way to end it on a cliffie *grumbles* LOL now I want to know what is going to happen. your descriptions were very vivid I felt as though I was right there! Loved it!

  11. "The space of a heartbeat." Great line. I liked your imagery here, the ashes, everything.

    You had great pacing and I really thought the cliffhanger was a nice way to end it.

    Thanks for hosting this. I had a lot of fun

  12. This was fantastic, Amalia! You always have such good blogfest posts. :-) You captured the setting and the surreality of dreaming very well.

  13. That is so sweet of you to arrange something like this!! I loved your post. You have very strong dialogue and do a great shop of setting the scene. I really enjoy your blog :)

  14. Wow this is great! Absolutely brilliant, hints of things to come and almost prophetic...very very good!!

    Thank you so much for hosting this blogfest!!

  15. What a fabulous start. I felt for her. It was a job well done.

  16. Very nice. Thanks for hosting a fun blogfest.

  17. Fun blog-fest theme. My entry is more of a nod to a dream sequence than a full on surreal experience, but hey, summers almost upon us and I have a ton of grading to finish. Still, I wanted to participate, even if it is on a sad little level. :)
    I'm having a blast reading other entries.

  18. Nice work and great blogfest. I like the use of the name in the dream, and someone trying to wake them up by saying the name lout. It's done often but still can be effective.

  19. I like that the dream has a purpose and is not just a dream sequence tossed in to show how scared or confused or nervous a character is.

    I also like that you were not trying to trick the reader into believing a dream is an actual scene.

    Purpose without trickery! Good job.

    - Eric

  20. hmm. I don't know how my name got on the list. I never signed up. I don't have a dream sequence in my WIP.


    It's fun to read other people's though.

  21. Great entry for the blogfest. And thank you so much for hosting this awesome event. :)

  22. I really enjoyed this. I don't think you're sorry for the cliff hanger, you did that on purpose! ;)

    I wonder what the prince proposing to her meant and why she dreamed of destruction? Talk about intense!
    Thank you for sharing and for your wonderful thoughts on mine!

  23. Wow!!! Thanks so much Everyone!! I am still reading all your posts-- if I didn't get to you today, I will get to you this weekend!

    I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the blogfest! Thanks for participating!!

  24. Oh I love this! I'm a huge fan of Greek lore, the pacing was great! I really want to read more. Nice job. I only just got my post up, school delayed me, but I'm glad I got to read all the great posts today. Thanks for hosting!

  25. I loved your scene very captivating.
    Only thing that pulled me out was announce that it was Menelaus then having her still panic. I wouldn't say that it was him until she finally grasps it. But I want to read more still.

    Thanks for hosting.

  26. Sorry I missed this 'fest! I won't be taking part, since I've lost my files, and am not currently prepared to do anything. But I enjoyed your post, here. I'm so bummed!

  27. Yes, thanks for hosting! I loved the imagery in your sequence and the symbolism. The confusion Helen experiences in the dream when the Prince smiles back at her while holding her, and you allude to a past where he has been forceful, is intriguing.

    Now, I really want an emerald the size of my thumbnail. LOL!

  28. Nice job! Like everyone else, I liked the ash part - that really pulled me, wondering what it was symbolizing or prophesizing. The only little, itty, bitty thing I saw is in the third para from the bottom - since our hearts are in our chest, you can take out that first "chest" and then you won't say it twice in once sentence.

    Thanks for hosting the blog fest!

  29. Ah, the prophetic dream. It's almost weird to have one in a story that most of us know anyway; it's like some kind of double dramatic irony. Your selection of details is great, especially the people going up in smoke, but I wondered why you didn't reference the red hair in a scene with fire? Seems like that bit of color would be great in the part where she's trying to push him away. Then again, if the identity of the dream prince is still a mystery there, it would of course be a dead giveaway. Just a thought! Awesome sequence.

  30. You already know how much I like your dream sequence, Amalia. I just dropped by to let you know there is a music video of THE ICARUS WIND at the end of my post, appropriatly named the same thing.

    I think you might enjoy the song. Drop by and check it out. Roland

  31. I posted my dream sequence--even though it's late and not eligible for the gift certificate. I just wanted to share. My post is about a dream mage--a magician who can only work magic while sleeping.

    Your dream sequence is effective, combining the status of the Spartan court with the grandeur of Troy--all with a sense of impending doom. If this were the only dream sequence, I'd definitely add some image of the Trojan horse.

  32. Um, no idea how I totally missed this blogfest? Anyway...

    Loved this, as usual :) Very well done.

    I didn't read thru all the comments, so this may be a repeat, but: I'd drop the "It was Menelaus" tag after he yells. It took some of the suspense away as she woke and struggled before realizing who it was.

  33. Tara: only one other person mentioned it that I remember-- it is definitely going to get the Axe though! I'm not sure what I was thinking including it, to be honest with you. Glad that you and Amber brought it to my attention!

    And Kristie: I will definitely be cutting that unnecessary "Chest" out! I don't know how I missed it the first time! :)

    KM: Haha. Yeah, I have a little bit of an exclamation point problem. I will trim them down!

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments! The Winner will be announced tomorrow!

  34. I like it!! Very cool! I wish I had read up to it though, my mythology is not completely up to par! ;o)

    I like the waking up part too. Can't wait to read more!

    Thanks for hosting!


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