Tuesday, June 08, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Dream Sequence Blogfest! I had a great time reading everyone's entries, and you guys made it so much more successful than I ever dreamed it would be! (ha ha. ahem. sorry.)

But I promised one lucky participant an Amazon Gift Certificate in the amount of 10 dollars, and through the random number generation skills of my husband (who did not see the sign up sheet, since he doesn't read my blog. Seriously. At all. I have to pull up the page and make him sit down on my computer if I want him to read stuff), a winner has been chosen!

As stated on the original Dream Sequence Blogfest post, the winner had to have posted a scene, signed up, and commented on the Dream Sequence Blogfest Announcement post. I made my husband generate numbers until one of them matched that criteria.

So without further ado, The Winner!


Please shoot me an email or comment with your email address, and I will e-mail you an Amazon Gift Certificate! 

I hope that everyone learned a little bit about what makes a dream sequence work by reading the other entries and through the comments on your own! I know that I learned a few tricks, and got some good suggestions for my own scene! Thanks so much to everyone who left me a comment-- I couldn't respond individually this time, but know that I totally appreciated all your crits, suggestions, and kind words!! (Yeah, I know. I have an exclamation point problem... :P )

Oh! If by some chance I missed your Dream Sequence post and you didn't get a comment from me, PLEASE let me know so that I can go read it!


  1. I wish I'd had time to enter this one. *sigh. It looks pretty fricking awesome. I'd seen it mentioned several times, and felt jealous. :( But I'll have to go through and read some of the others' entries.

    Congrats to Stuart!

  2. aww. Thanks! I'm sorry you couldn't participate. Next time, maybe! :) I'm sure someone, somewhere will do another dream sequence blogfest eventually!

  3. Congrats to Stuart! And nice job organizing such a successful blogfest, Amalia!


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