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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fate Forgotten Blog Tour Adventure!

For your information and reference, a list of all the stop in the FATE FORGOTTEN blogtour! Links will be updated when the specific posts go live!

Week One:
November 5-8: ThorLove Bloghop WOO!

November 8: Review from LT Host
Week Two:
November 11: Thor/Athena excerpt at Cait Greer's blog (Author of EYRE HOUSE and PARAWARS: UPRISING) & an interview at Night Owl Reviews.  
November 12: About Loki -- Norse Myth, Tom Hiddleston, and FATE FORGOTTEN at Kit Campbell's blog.

November 13: Fantasy Writer of the Day on reddit's r/fantasy

November 14: Review of Fate Forgotten by Diana Paz (Author of TIMESPELL)
Week Three:
November 18: Fate Forgotten Book Talk at Zachary Tringali's blog

November 19: An Interview with Thor on Mia Hayson's blog

November 20: Author Interview at Fade into Fantasy

November 21: Odin in Norse Myth and Fate of the Gods on Rebecca Enzor's blog

November 22: Why I love my heroes: Garrit DeLeon, at Howling Turtle

(and if you want to be part of the blogtour, shoot me an email amaliatdillin (at) gmail (dot) com!)

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