Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fate of the Gods: Regarding Eve

When FORGED BY FATE came out, I did a guest post over on Vicky Alvear Shecter's blog, talking about Eve, and why I chose to retell her story, particularly, the way I did. I want to just take a moment to revisit some of that, because I'm not sure I've ever really discussed Eve's character, before, on the blog, aside from the Rodin sculpture at the National Gallery, which is maybe one of the most evocative pieces of art I've ever seen.

In Fate of the Gods, we see a lot of the series from Eve's point of view. She isn't the only protagonist, but it's her choices which ultimately decide the fate of the world, even from the moment of her Creation. Like the Biblical account, Eve stumbles across the Tree of Knowledge and meets the Serpent. Unlike the Biblical account, there isn't any trick, any deceit, and while the silver-tongued Serpent does make some suggestions, Eve's decisions are her own.

The Fall of Man by Hendrick Goltzius
(photographed by me)
So why did I retell Eve's story?
In college, I remember once seeing a flyer which blamed Eve, and therefore all women, for all temptation and sin. Basically, all the weakness of mankind had somehow buried her, and by association, all of the rest of the female sex. I could not wrap my mind around this concept, even as a Catholic, with all the associated guilt of Original Sin. The idea was so ridiculous to me, so beyond anything I'd ever imagined -- I still can't really believe it, to be honest -- but I think it was at that point that everything changed for me. I knew then that I really wanted to tell a different story, offer a different interpretation of Eve and her character.

After all, if Myth is a living thing, meant to be told and retold, interpreted and reinterpreted as the world turns, to make it relevant to the modern age -- why shouldn't Eve get a second chance, too? A chance to be her own woman, and make her own choices, and decide her own fate? And if Eve is going to get all the blame anyway, she might as well get a chance to earn it.

In Fate of the Gods, I gave her that chance. And I hope you all will, too.


  1. I have to say, I rarely entry for book giveaways, but I entered for this. I love new looks at classic mythology, but I rarely see it happen with Christian mythology. Might have to pick this one up one way or another. ^_^

    1. Thanks!! I'm glad to have caught your eye -- and I hope you'll enjoy the book when you get your hands on it!

      I think Christian Mythology is a lot harder to get away with, generally. You can't really play as fast and loose without causing offense. You'd never see, for example, a Disney movie about Jesus like we got for Hercules (though, man, I would watch the heck out of that movie!) I was fortunate to find a publisher who thought my retelling was worth the risk and I think it helps that I mixed so many other gods up into it.

      Anyway, let me know if you like it when you get the opportunity to give it a read! :)


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