Thursday, May 28, 2009

Australian Priorities

Okay, okay. This article made me chuckle. From the title Wealth and brains last, but where's the love? and the introduction of the article, my first impulse was to say "well, good for them!" I was kind of starting to think that the whole of Australia might be on to something, because they started me off with:

"It's not often beauty, brains and wealth finish last, especially in the bedroom. But when it comes to finding a sexual partner in Australia, the top priority for most men and women is finding a partner who loves and cares for them."

Then I got to the bottom and realized the importance of that language use-- it's entirely self-centered. They aren't looking for Love, they're looking for someone who loves them.
To be fair, the question seemed to be focused just on a sexual partner, not on a mate. But still, interesting, if not really all that surprising. Sex in itself can be an incredibly selfish act, but it stands to reason that if the person you're having sex with cares about you, they're going to be a better lover. At least, that's the way I'm interpreting this. Which really makes the findings just as self-serving as everywhere else.

Sorry, Australia, you're just like the rest of us after all.

The results of this phone survey though, can really be extrapolated to the difference between men and women across the globe, and human relationships, as well as sexual relationships, and I'll give them to you here, just because I'm fascinated by the simplicity of it.

The article states:

1. Cares about you
2. Enjoys sex
3. Fun to be with

1: Enjoys sex
2: Fun to be with
3: Cares about you

Clearly having a more attentive sexual partner (read: someone who cares about you) is more important to women. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Man, am I glad I'm married.

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