Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Instinct, or Higher Brain Functions?

Research Suggests We Are Genetically Programmed To Care About Climate Change

We do a fabulous job of talking ourselves out of it, then.

I think the more interesting question is this:
What other behaviors, seemingly intellectual in pursuit, are secretly genetically programmed instinct in disguise?

The article makes sense. Even the claim (maybe it's a little bit of a reach to go from "future of the community," to "climate change.") makes sense. Why do I have no problem buying this?

It makes Evolutionary Sense.
You can't perpetuate a species if it has no safe place to live and breed.

If it is genetically programmed in us to care about our communities and the future of our world, here's the other question we need to ask ourselves:

Is the programming part of one of the 50-100 genes that are unique to the human race (see this post) or is it part of the 99.5% that we share with the rest of the animal kingdom? And if it ISN'T among those unique genes, if other animals share this same genetic programming, this genetic compulsion to care, what are the implications then? AND, if we're programmed to care about climate change, are we also programmed to care for other species?

That genetic compulsion must be buried deep, since a lot of the time we don't even care about each other.

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