Monday, July 06, 2009

Novelty and Teeth!

I did manage to stop procrastinating and finish my book, though now that it's done I find myself resisting the compulsive urge to revise at once, which I refuse to do.

It isn't that it doesn't need revision (what novel doesn't? especially the later half, which didn't get rewritten a dozen times already, like the first half did as I struggled to find a way to address the concepts and the characters in the proper order), but that I know that I need to put it away for a few weeks, maybe some months, and let it rest, and go back to it with fresh eyes so that I can read what I actually wrote on the page instead of what I think, or what I'm expecting to read.

So instead of working on revising my recently completed work (I am workshopping it, however, which since it doesn't require MY reading and commenting, but someone else doing so, I think is totally allowable), I'm going back to revise my previous manuscript, which is just as fun, because I've been wanting to reread it again anyway, and now it gives me an excuse to do so! (I feel totally dorky sitting around reading my own writing for pleasure. I mean, it just seems kind of egotistical. But I can't quite stop myself all the time because I love my characters and I love the stories I'm telling, maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. If I don't love it, how on earth will anyone else?)

I've also got some chapters to go over for said workshop by Friday, so I've still got some work on my plate this week. I got terribly behind last week, which was unfortunate, but I'm fairly well caught up now. I hope.

But I'm not caught up to this blog-- though my husband was telling me about how they're experimenting with using stem cells to create your own tooth fillings of real tooth to grow back into your teeth, which frankly makes me want to celebrate and I might have to find the article to post for all of you to see, because one of the things that frightens me most about living as long as we do now, as a people, is the idea of outliving my teeth. I don't know about the rest of you-- but I much prefer chewing with my own teeth than I do having metal surfaces to accomplish the same task.

Wow. That was an incredibly long and run on sentence. Recognizing it as such, I'm not going to fix it.

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