Wednesday, July 01, 2009


This is not going to be a post about an article. This is a post apologizing to my readership (such as it is) for my absence. There was some significant trauma within my family and some significant celebration, both of which required my absence from the internet because my grandfather lives in the dark ages without a computer, nevermind access to the world wide web, and I was unable to steal wireless from the surrounding areas due to the fact that he lives on 88 acres with no neighbors. Of course, if wireless had been available, I wouldn't have been utilizing it, since because of the trauma, my family flew in from across the country, and it was vital that I spend as much time with them as humanly possible in the short time we had together.

I am once again reminded how much I value my family.

Now I'm going to stop writing before I launch into a completely unprofessional post listing the reasons why I love Superman even though he's too perfect. I think I need to wait another couple of months before I go comic book hero again, since I only just went on about Thor. Besides which, I have three chapters to workshop for a friend, and two chapters to write to finish my novel in progress, and this is just one more way to procrastinate.

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