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Bar Scene Blogfest!

No cheating over here this weekend-- only because I didn't want to throw out spoilers. Welcome to my Bar Scene Blogfest contribution! This fabulous fest is hosted by the phenomenal Tara of Secret Story. Don't forget to follow the links and check out the other participants!

This is a scene that was originally, originally, originally, part of THE BOOK OF GENERATIONS, before I rearranged everything and filled in 2000 years of history (actually, before it was even titled BoG, when it was still DoE). Now it appears in the sequel which has not been revised--after the rewriting of parts of GENERATIONS, book two no longer syncs up exactly the way it should. Things will have to be excised and rewritten, for sure, perhaps even this scene!

Anyway, the year is sometime around 1000 AD. Thor will tell you the rest himself, I think. I did omit some spoilers, but the scene should flow just fine, regardless.

[Excerpt removed]

And that is that! I wanted to post another scene with Lugh, but unfortunately there was no way to cut the spoilers without ruining it. But someday he will show up again! Gah, now I want to go reread some Thor stuff...

Thanks for a fabulous blogfest weekend everyone!


  1. Tsk, tsk... Loki is just not a nice god at all.

    I'm glad you posted this- I love the behind-the-scenes looks at what got cut. I'm currently chopping apart my intro. It's a little painful.

  2. Oh man, was that good or what? Now I really want to know what you're keeping.

    I read this and the murder scene tonight. I didn't participate in the murder one; but I've been enjoying reading some of the entries. Your writing is so rich and detailed, and I really like that Gods and their antics. I have to start reading more mythology.

    I have to go refine my own bar scene.


  3. This is great! I love the Norse God's and you portray them well here!

  4. Wow! This is just AMAZING! I luurve your style. I was so inside that bar - a spectator hoping to not be seen and lured into the conflict. Awesome.

    I'm now following you :) I'm a fellow participant of this blogfest. Great work!

  5. I come here from the bar scene blog fest. =)

    Wow, I am absolutely and utterly in love with this scene. From the start you portray Thor's sorrow so well, that I couldn't help but feel for him. You definitely have a way with words, you always choose the right ones to portray the little details perfectly. I love the flow of the scene, I was immediately inside the scene and couldn't stop reading til I reached the end.

    Awesome work!

  6. I liked this one a lot, very readable.

  7. Stephanie: I hated having to take this scene out, but there was only so much that could fit in the first book :-/

    Donna: I'm so glad you said that! Part of the reason I'm writing these books is because I want people to want to read more about the characters and their mythologies :)

    Harley: Thanks! I love them too :)

    David: Thank you!

    TAA: Thanks for the follow!! I will definitely check out your bar scene :)

    Carolin: You are so kind! Yes, poor Thor gets kind of the short end of things. Thank you so much.

    Stu: Thanks!

  8. I love this. Very descriptive and I really like Thor. Poor guy can't catch a break. :)

  9. Aww...poor Thor. Why did he even come there? And she probably misses him too sniff.

    Nice job! More mead please!

  10. Sarahjayne: Thanks! I feel pretty bad for him, myself.

    Iapetus: He tortures himself more than necessary, I think. Thanks!

  11. I really enjoyed this scene. Like the other commenters said, you did a good job of showing the character's emotions without telling.

    I really enjoy reading stuff about mythological figures, but the only thing that confused me was if Eve is the same Eve from the book of Genesis. Obviously you covered this in the rest of the book, so it's not a problem with the scene, but it did leave me speculating. Especially since there's no Eve in the Norse Pantheon.

    Great work!

  12. Elizabeth: It is Eve from Genesis! Part of my premise is that all the pantheons co-exist along with the Judeo-Christian mythology.

  13. "There was not even the barest rumble of thunder or flash of lightning to give away his fury at such a slur..."

    You blend the everyday (tavern) with the gods and goddesses, even biblical characters so wonderfully. I love this scene. I've never read a genre like this, you made me a fan.

  14. Thank you, Raquel! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  15. That was AMAZING! I'm so intrigued by the story you've cooked up. Must post more in the future :-D
    -Courtney Reese

  16. More more more! Loved this scene! Poor guy.

  17. Courtney: Thanks!! I adore it. There are a few more tidbits scattered throughout the blogfest entries on the blog. I should probably have a tag for blogfests and excerpts.

    Tara: haha! Thanks! Yeah, Thor does suffer quite a bit.

  18. Poor Thor... I guess I need to know the whole story to get why he isn't allowed to touch Eve... This was really good; I felt for Thor and I loved the last line.

  19. Great job! The last line was also my favorite!

  20. F and Bethany: I'm sorry to say-- it isn't the real last line for the scene! I fudged it and cut the last several paragraphs off to keep it a reasonable length... But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  21. Amalia, this was GREAT. I love, love, love mythology of any and all kinds, and I think it's so inventive and skillful of you to write a bar scene involving Thor, of all people! (or should I say, of all gods - haha) What a beautiful woven blend you've presented us here - lovely writing. I really enjoyed this.

  22. Umm all I have to say is...THOR! LOL. this was fantastic! the writing itself was so crisp and clear. I love the characters! Thanks for joining in!

  23. Julie: Thank you!! I think Mythology is a LOT of fun to play with, and it carries a lot of resonance :) I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

    Tara: Yes! Thor! I agree :) Thank you so much! Thor is my favorite :)

  24. Eek, I'm so late with this. Trying to get caught up from the weekend.

    Magnificent scene, Amalia! I was completely drawn in. What makes these gods so interesting is their humanity - love, jealousy, the need to compete - It's both weird and not weird they're so relatable. I suppose that's what elevates them to mythic? And Loki, is such a jerk! Typical alpha male… um, alpha god? I feel so bad for Thor.

    But what a great line for the god of thunder: "The silence thundered. Or perhaps it was the thunder which thundered."

    Are you really thinking of cutting this scene? Please say no.

  25. VR: Ahh! That is one of my favorite lines too!! I'm so glad you noticed it! :) It did get the boot from book one, but I don't think it will get cut completely from the following book-- though, it may get moved around. Certainly I WANT to keep it :) I think it's important for illustrating what's going on with Thor.

  26. I was going to comment on that line! have to keep this part. I think it's one of my favorite of the dealings between Eve and Thor. Seriously.


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