Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Misc. and Award

I have unfortunate news. At this time I am under orders to lay off the computering for the next week or so (I pulled something in my right arm/wrist). Basically this just means that my internet presence will be diminished, and my posts won't be quite as awesome as usual unless I'm feeling particularly rebellious. It also means I am WAY behind on the First Page Blogfest entries and I'll be slowly getting around to them in the next week or so a handful at a time. Thanks so much to everyone who visited and commented! First Person seems to have won the vote by a landslide! I haven't been able to respond to all the comments, due to the fact that I was out of town for Easter weekend, but I am very grateful to everyone who weighed in!

I'm hoping for a quick recovery and for things to get back to normal quickly, since I am really really anxious to keep working on Helen. There's nothing worse than getting all geared up to start working on a project, and then getting delayed from the start date.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank Ms. Maggie Desmond-O'Brien over at Maggie's Bookshelf who recently awarded me with the Beautiful Blogger award. There are some rules for this one, which have drawn me out to stretch my arm against Dr. Husband's command. I'm supposed to give this away to 15 fellow bloggers and list 7 things about myself, for your entertainment.

First, the facts:

1) I hate hard boiled eggs. I do not even eat them at Easter. bleh.
2) One of my favorite movies is The Big Chill. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's awesome.
3) I will read Lois McMaster Bujold's Cordelia's Honor at least twice this year. It's one of my favorite books--well, technically it is composed of two of my favorite books, Shards of Honor and Barrayar. It's sci-fi intergalactic war and politics meets romance.
4) I do not miss the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Even though I don't have cable, I make my brother tape it for me then avoid all news sources for a week to make sure I don't see who won until I've gotten to watch it. This year, the results were conveniently lost in the mass of Olympics coverage.
5) I can't stand the toy group. Dogs that tremble make me sad.
6) Thor was never supposed to take up half of my book. He just happened, and then I couldn't get rid of him.
7) I hate when movies have more than one ending. Perpetrators of this Pet Peeve include: The Dark Knight, LOTR: Return of the King and James Bond's Casino Royale. Otherwise enjoyable movies, but that three ending finish drives me nuts!

As for the 15 blogs, I'm afraid that is going to take more typing than my arm can take right now-- so let me start with five, and see how it goes from there!

1) Margo at Margoblog!
2) Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time
3) VR Barkowski at VR Barkowski: A Writer's Blog
4) Muse in the Fog at Confessions and Ramblings of a Muse in the Fog
5) Valerie at As The Moon Climbs

Okay, I think that's the best I can do for now. See you all Friday, hopefully with something substantial, and good news about my arm!


  1. Congrats on your award!

    I hate hard boiled eggs too. We dye eggs and toss them. But I'm excited- we're going to start composting soon!

  2. Thank you so much for the award, Amalia! I hope your wrist clears up soon. That can't be fun, your way of working pulled out from under you like that. Is writing longhand against the "rules"?

    I will now attempt to put that beautiful award on my blog... wish me luck!

  3. Thank you so much for the award!!! I hope your wrist feels better soon. Hearing anybody's being forced off the computer gives me the beginnings of the DTs!

    I can't wait to pass on this award. Thanks again!

  4. Stephanie: when we were younger, we used to dye blown eggs-- because my mom used the insides for Easter bread. We did hard boiled too, still, because the rest of my family likes them, but blowing the eggs if you have something to use them for eliminates the rotting egg smell! :)

    Margo: You are so welcome! Writing long-hand is against the rules for now, but hopefully it will ease up soon! Thanks!

    Nicole: You're welcome! Thanks so much for the well wishes. It is definitely a trying time-- as proven by the fact that I am replying to your comment. Whoops!

  5. I am late to the thanking party it seems, but thanks! And if you ever need someone to eat those hard-boiled eggs for you, I am your girl.

  6. Ooh, bummer 'bout the wrist, good lady. Here's hoping for a rapid recovery.

    And congrats on the bloggity-blog award... :)

  7. I hope the wrist feels better soon. Congrats on your award. :-)

  8. Congrats on the well-deserved award and thank you for sharing! I'm honored. :)

    So sorry about your arm and wrist! Reduced computer?! Is there a harsher penalty? Well, I mean short of something that causes pain?

    Loved the reveals. I'm with you and Stephanie on the hard boiled eggs, though. Blowing eggs (weird thing to talk about) is a lot of work - do you use a pin or something bigger? Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

    Take care of that arm. We need you back in full form ASAP!

  9. Haha! I know how you feel about Thor. My antagonist was certainly not supposed to be my MC!

    Congrats on the award. It's always fun to get to know you better. I'm so sorry about your arm! Dang it! You'll be missed as you heal!

  10. Heal fast! Watch some movies and relax.

  11. Thanks Everyone!!

    VR: We used an ice pick! It really did the job, though I distinctly remember making my face sore trying to blow out yokes. (You're right, that is a weird thing to talk about!)

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  13. 5) I can't stand the toy group. Dogs that tremble make me sad.

    I completely agree! I always feel like they are scared or cold.
    Hope your arm heals quickly!

  14. Thank you so much for thinking of my blog for this great award! It has really made my day :)

    I hope your arm gets better soon!


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