Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Heads Up!

In case you missed my ah, incessant tweeting yesterday, head on over to GeekaChicas to read my review of Superman: Red Son!

I actually wrote it originally for this blog, but then I thought it would fit better over there. It includes some social commentary! Superman: Red Son is an alternate reality Superman story, where he crashes as a baby in the USSR instead of America. And that's all I'm telling you here, so you'll have to head over to GeekaChicas if you want to know my thoughts on Communist Superman!

March was a BIG month for reading. I'm not sure if I should technically be counting Graphic Novel Trade Paperbacks in my bookcount, but I am anyway! It's reading! It just happens to come with pictures!

I may or may not write up a review of Superman: For Tomorrow soon, also. I don't know if it will be put up here or at GeekaChicas (probably GeekaChicas) but I will certainly let you all know!

Can't wait to dive in to rewriting Helen tomorrow! Thinking about switching from third person to first person, but I'm not sure. I suppose I can start in first person, and if I don't like it, switch back to Third. It isn't like this is going to be the final draft, unfortunately. We shall see!


  1. Ohhh... I'm teaching the Cold War right now so I'll definitely have to check that out!

  2. Yess! You really should! A unit on Communist Superman seems to be in order! :)

  3. Love the sound of that - and the idea of using it when teaching the Cold War! Thanks, I'm rushing over to read the review.

  4. Hey - I gave you two awards over at my blog!

    Haha, I never really got into superheroes, but my little brothers love Spider-Man and Batman. Once they make it to Superman, I'm sure I'll be getting an education. The idea of a Communist Superman is certainly intriguing! :)

  5. Charmaine: I hope you enjoyed the review!

    Maggie: You should read some Superman yourself-- totally worth it. He is amazing! You could probably start, easily, with the Superman/Batman title-- there's a TON of trades out for that series that should be available at your local book store. Then you can introduce your brother to the AWESOME that is Superman! Plus, the dichotomy of Superman written with Batman is an awesome thing-- You have Superman, who is so motivated by love and GOOD, and Batman who is so driven by vengeance and darkness, working together with very different styles and personalities! A great Superhero spectrum :)


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