Friday, March 26, 2010


First off thanks to VR Barkowski and Jon Paul for honoring me with blog awards! I hardly deserve it for having taken this last week off.

If you're looking for a writerly-content post here today, I'm afraid that outside of blogfest news, you shall not find it! Today I am guest-blogging for The Secret Archives of the Alliterati, and you will find my awesome (?) writerly-post concerning heresy and writing there. In my humble opinion, heresy is the best part. Head over yonder to read more about it!

Let me also draw to your attention some excellent blogfests coming your way because blogfests are awesome!

First we have the most excellent Murder Scene Blogfest, on April 10th, hosted by the fabulous Anne Riley. Well, okay, I don't really know her, but anyone hosting a murder scene blogfest has got to be pretty cool at least. Also, she just interviewed Frankie, which tells me she has some great taste for awesome! Go sign up, and then comment and tell me you did, and I will most likely cave to peer pressure and sign up also, and come up with something fitting. I am in possession of an excellent murder scene already, but I can't share it without spoiling some pretty important elements in my book, so I will be required to write something new and fresh, and what with the blogging hiatus and hermitting, I'll admit that I'm feeling a bit lazy, so peer pressure is required.

And right on its heels we have the Bar Scene Blogfest on April 11th, hosted by Tara over at Secret Story. Guys, there is so much potential for bar scenes. Literally anything can happen. Let us test those boundaries together and make it a fabulous weekend of excellent reads! Full disclosure: I actually kind of hate going to the bar. The only times I ever went were under duress, and one of those times I ended up writing terrible drunken poetry while chewing on quantities of ice. Needless to say I was never the life of the party, but that doesn't mean my characters can't have at it. Some of them certainly have the personality for it, and for some inexplicable reason, most of my characters engage in heavy drinking at one point or another in their lives.  I'm not sure what that says about me, or them, but I have no little experience in writing bar scenes as a result.

Now, unfortunately neither one of these blogfests allows me to put to use any scenes from HELEN, at this time-- funny, because you'd think a book set around Helen of Troy would have plenty of murder... But beginning April 1st I will be rewriting Helen start to finish, including a large portion from Theseus's point of view, so maybe something will turn up during that process. We shall see. Otherwise I can almost certainly promise some Thor, if you aren't sick of him. I will also consider challenges and requests! (I may regret having said that.)

There you have it. Expect some musings on characterization and storytelling on Tuesday. It's a pretty excellent post, if I do say so myself, and I think you will all enjoy it!


  1. There's an alternate-version blogfest April 1st.

  2. Man, there's a lot of blogfests. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to write any new scenes for them because I'm forcing myself to write Book #2 exclusively. I figured out that if I write 2 pages a day I'll be done by August. Before, actually, but I just want the first draft to be done before school starts next year.

    Yay for guest posting at the Alliterati! I'm excited!

  3. Thanks, Amalia! I almost missed Anne's Murder Scene Blogfest. Can't wait! I also want to mention Kelly Lyman's First Page Blogfest on April 2. Should be blast! Here's the link:

    First Page Blogfest!

    Now, I'm off to The Secret Archives of the Alliterati...

  4. Thanks Iapetus and VR for the blogfest heads up!

    I'm not sure if I'm going to take part in the alternate version blogfest, but the First Page blogfest definitely has promise!

    Stephanie: Two pages a day is totally doable! I think you'll make it happen!


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