Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Writing Break

I took this weekend off from writing, which is a lot easier to say than to do, I have to admit. It's been pretty refreshing though, and I'm glad I did it. Hopefully I will be able to go back to the things I'm working on with fresh eyes Monday and way fewer crazy-laptop-out-the-window feelings.

In order to keep myself from opening word documents or jotting down notes in notebooks, I decided to do some sketching. I haven't done any in about two years, and lately I've been in the mood to draw. At least it kept my hands busy and my brain off writing!

Unfortunately, I'm not a very good artist. I can only draw something if I have something to look at, preferably someone else's art, and even then I'm not all that fabulous, but at least it's recognizable. I was pretty surprised at how quickly I got my hand back.

Now, I give you the anticlimactic reveal!

Unfortunately, my scan wasn't that great either.

But there you have it! An example of what I've been doing with myself this weekend!


  1. And you say you CAN'T draw...mine would have been a stick figure!

  2. I say I'm not that good at it :) Or maybe not as good as I'd LIKE to be.

  3. That's awesome. All you people with multiple talents are envied by me. :)

  4. It's quite good, all right!

    I left something small for you on my blog!

  5. Thanks Tiffany!

    Sarah, you are too kind :)

  6. Can't draw? He's amazing! I'm with Tina, mine would have been a stick figure - probably missing an appendage, maybe two.

  7. Thanks VR!

    Maybe I am my own worst critic with drawing :)

  8. How can you people be so good with so many things altogether? I wonder.

  9. I would trade it in for a publishing contract :)

  10. Awesome drawing! I'm glad that you took a nice break this weekend. My muse decided to return on Saturday, so for me it was the complete opposite! All I did was write.

    Man, I wish I could draw like that!!! My 2 year old draws better than I do lol.

  11. Hey Amalia, I love the blog.
    And, as a fellow writer, I can relate to your much needed 'break from the pen'. Because I have a few other creative passions, my breaks tend to be involuntary, but I commend you for setting down your passion knowing that when you return to it, it will be for the better. Long live Fresh Eyes....

    Thanks Amalia.


  12. Thanks Kristen!
    I get frustrated that I can't do what I want to do with a pencil and paper, so I usually don't do much sketching, but it's been fun. I can't tell you how many story ideas started teasing me the minute I decided to take a break. I had to do SOMETHING to stop myself from opening word documents.

    Jeffc: It was REALLY hard. I kept itching to open word documents and get to work, but somehow I managed. I'm going to see if I can push it through the week, though, for my sanity. I haven't had a real vacation for more than a year. Glad you liked the blog!


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