Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yeah, okay, I surrender

You'll see me back here on January 2nd for the 2nd Annual No-Kiss blogfest hosted by the fabulous Frankie Diane. Yes, that's right. TWO DAYS EARLIER than planned!

Look, I found the perfect scene and I just couldn't resist the siren song. I may be cheating SLIGHTLY but I think you will all appreciate the ROMANCE. I promise it is not even Mythology Related.

Go sign up and let's DO THIS THING.

Then pop back over here on January 4th for More Theseus.

Yeah, I know. I'm incurable. Sorry.

also, I apologize for all the caps in this blogpost.


  1. I've got nuthin' for Frankie's fest, sadly, but I look forward to see what goodies you post!

    Happy New Year, Amalia!

  2. aww! Well at least you can read all the other swoon-worthy scenes! :)

    Happy New Year to you as well!!

  3. Hopefully this will live up to the expression! I kind of love it :)


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