Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Music in Antiquity and Housekeeping!

For those of you who enjoyed Karen Slagle's guest post two fridays back, she's got a new post on music responding to one of the comments, over on her blog! With some more links to music on youtube!

For those of you who prefer listening to me rant about why everyone who is writing stuff with mythology needs to lay off of Hades, you can find that particular post on GeekaChicas. Don't worry, it is educational!

I'm going to start posting Wheels on the Bus and Affairs of the Gods in alternating weeks-- so this week you got Wheels on the Bus, and Friday will be whatever post with some kind of relation to Classical mythology. Next week you'll get a post on Norse Mythology on Tuesday, and an Affairs of the Gods on Friday.

I'm going to try to keep this Norse Tuesday, Classics Friday schedule going, because I like knowing what I'm doing, buuuuut once I start seriously writing New Book, things will probably shift a bit, since researching Classics stuff when I'm in the middle of the Norse Bronze Age is bound to leave me feeling a little bit scattered. SO. Enjoy it while it lasts! One of these days I might actually change to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, but right now I'm too stubborn to be bothered!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, friends!


  1. Back off Hades? I thought he was, you know, the bad guy.

  2. He is not any more or less bad than any other Olympian god! That good/evil business comes from the Christian worldview which require the dichotomy, but the Greeks did not have that kind of set up! Hades was just in charge of the dead-- More like St. Peter at the pearly gates than the devil!

  3. You are way too organized for me. I'm writing something with Mythology. And don't worry, Hades is so not the bad guy =)

  4. You know what I like to hear, Tina!!! :)

    Can I ask who IS or is that too SPOILERY?

  5. @ TinaLynn: oooh hades story? *claps hands* sounds cool!

    AMALIA my dear how do you do it? I try to set up SOME SEMBLANCE of a schedule and RIGHT THE NEXT WEEK it's EPIC Tessa FAIL.

    uhm... sorry bout the caps. Mr Muse is leaning on me. *pinky swear*

  6. Thanks for the links! Going to check them out now.

  7. Ahaha. Tessa, I don't know! It just happened! But I've been doing a lot of source-material reading, and I need SOMEWHERE to put my thoughts afterwards! :P

    I think it helps that I only post two days a week, though.

  8. Bethany: You are welcome! I hope you enjoy them.

  9. Schedule, shmedule.

    Seriously, my blogging schedule went out the window a while back- I'm at two times a week, maybe three, on whatever days strike my fancy. So I'm impressed that you're keeping a schedule at all!

    Speaking of which... must get back to writing. Blogging is such a good distraction!

  10. Stephanie: I totally understand-- and you are a busy woman! Even posting twice a week can be a challenge if I'm not doing a lot of reading or I'm in serious-novel-mode. So, I know how you feel. It helps that blogging is how I synthesize my research :) But I do like knowing what I'm SUPPOSED to be posting so I can be thinking about something in the back of my mind.


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