Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So. I'm kind of sort of maybe vacationing. Or something. It's a strange situation during which I should be writing but somehow am failing utterly to do so and instead spending my days eating unimpressive food and windowshopping for things I cannot afford and don't really want. Also, the twist-cone-with-rainbow-sprinkles situation is just... it's the saddest thing ever, you guys. This might be my first summer without twist-cones-with-rainbow-sprinkles. But the end result for you, friends and followers, is that I am not blogging this week. I shall return NEXT TUESDAY (August 23) for some regularly scheduled blog action.

In the meantime, check out this image of Loki dressing Thor up as Freyja:

Tor såsom Freya

Because cross-dressing Thor is entertainment for all ages. Hopefully it will tide you over. 


  1. I want to see this scene in Thor's next movie ;)

  2. I am a fellow writer of mythology and I have been (anonymously) following your blog for a while now. I always enjoy your blog post and your humorous perspective on the ancients. I will miss you while are gone, nevertheless, I do hope you enjoy your time away and get a chance to recharge your writing.

  3. Juliette: me too!

    Marty: thanks for following! I'm looking forward to getting back on track, myself. :)

  4. Must have been tough to hide his ginger tresses from the giants. Oh Loki, you so crazy!

  5. Seriously, it is the greatest myth of all time!


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