Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Immortals trailer. Sigh.

I'm still out of commission (I'm not even going to get into it here because it is just a streak of terribly bad horrible luck) but I am not leaving you bereft of mythic commentary!

There are so many stupid things wrong with this version of Theseus that I don't even know where to start, but the bow and arrow business stands out as the thing that ticks me off the most in these trailers. I'm sure the movie will have stunning special effects and visuals but, I really, REALLY wish Theseus were getting a better treatment by hollywood. I hate that they chose to make his love interest Phaedra instead of the Amazon Queen, too. Because seriously-- how WAY AWESOMER would it be if his love interest were a warrior Amazon woman charging into battle at his side? I mean, if there is going to be a war and a giant battle ANYWAY, they might as well have gone in that direction! I suppose they didn't want to bother writing the romance, because with an amazon woman, there would really have to be some kind of explanation, as opposed to Phaedra who can just throw herself at him without preamble. (Sigh.)

El husband and I saw this preview in the theater a while back, and he will not speak of it. He refuses to go see it. I think I might have to, because, you know... it's Theseus. But he doesn't have the same Theseus Love that I do.


  1. It does looks like it will have really good special effects, but I get the feeling that if I went to see it, I would come out on the other end really mad. Not because I'm an expert on Greek mythology and could spot all the wrongness, but just because a certain level of bad in scripts makes me really angry about that two hours of my life I can never get back.

    If you do see it, you'll have to let us know if it's at least entertaining.

    And the Amazon Queen would be most awesome.

  2. I don't mind alterations to the story, but this just looks plain bad! Sigh.

  3. Cacy: Yeah-- I know exactly what you mean. el husband says that it looks like it WANTS to be new Clash of the Titans, and is going to fail to even make it to that level of ... whatever it was.

    Juliette: I usually don't mind either, but this just looks SO terrible. I mean, if they could pull it off and still give me a Theseus I can love, I would be fine with it. But I fear this is not going to be that movie. ha.

  4. I will watch this eventually, because like you said, Theseus-love, but I won't go to the theater for it. Honestly, Hollywood may just use an invented hero, rather than one from the myths, and call him by a totally different name.

    Agreed about the Amazon Queen. Blerg.


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